Our Story

We are Chocolatiers (and sisters!) with a shared love for unique confections,
dedicated to spreading creativity through artistic, artisanal, high quality chocolates.
Our love for the kitchen, and pleasing peoples taste buds is what makes us tick.
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Our Process

Sourcing premium quality chocolate from around the world and the finest, natural ingredients, each chocolate is delicately made from scratch in our charming workshop in Nicosia. Each individual bonbon is artistically hand painted to inspire our customers creativity and imagination. Our attention to detail becomes evident with every bite.


Our mother Yolanda has always been known for hosting fantastic parties where she would cook up delicious food and desserts galore. Yearly celebrations brought us together and these traditions have had a great impact on our lives and who we are. Our upbringing inspired and pushed us to explore an array of different culinary avenues, which always led to the same result. Chocolate. This is what brings us to today.
Egli Stamatiou Owner of Yolanda's Chocolatiers

Egli Stamatiou

Having studied Hotel Management at Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, Egli went on to work at some of the most renowned five star hotels around the world.

After 10 years in the hotel industry, she decided to dedicate her time to raising a family. With more free time on her hands she was able to rekindle her love for cooking, baking and creating. It was during this period that she stumbled upon the world of chocolate and its wonders.

Learning from world-renowned chocolatiers and hours in the kitchen her hobby soon became a passion.

Anna Isabella Stamatiou Owner

Anna Isabella Stamatiou

Anna Isabella had always been very creative, expressing herself through various art forms; this eventually led her to study Architecture at universities in Paris and London. After her studies, she returned to Cyprus searching for new and innovative ways to apply her creativity and imagination.

It was during this time that her focus was turned to food. Inspired by her sister’s newfound passion of working with chocolate, she too had discovered a new avenue to express herself freely. Earning various certificates from top range chocolatiers, around the world, she had finally found her niche. Chocolate.

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