Box of 6 Bonbons in Pink
Bonbon White and Gold Design
Box of 6 Bonbons in Pink
Bonbon White and Gold Design
Planning your own wedding should be very exciting!

We would love to invite you, the bride-to-be, to our lab in Nicosia, to experience and taste the unique chocolate gifts Yolanda’s Chocolatiers has to offer.

Our chocolate gift box is highly recommended for the ceremony and all your guests, as it contains unique bonbons and the box itself can be used as a beautiful box to keep and store objects like jewelry or other precious items at home.


Personalise it

Evelina Initials Pink Box

Add initials or a name outside the box in gold foil.

Example of Happy Name Day Illustration Box

Add an image as a background inside the box. A custom design may be created just for you.

Personalised message example inside the box

Personalised message inside the box, printed on tracing paper and placed on top of the bonbons.

Example of Special design on Bonbons

Special design on bonbons in one particular colour.
(3 months notice required)

Gift Card Bag

A Gift bag always makes a gift more complete.

Premium Chocolate Bonbons

Sourcing premium quality chocolate from around the world and the finest, natural ingredients, each chocolate is delicately made from scratch in our charming workshop in Nicosia. Each individual bonbon is artistically hand painted to inspire our customers creativity and imagination. Our attention to detail becomes evident with every bite.

Lets make this day a memorable one!

Bonbon Flavours

Assortment boxes of 3 or 6

bonbon hazelnut


bonbon salted caramel


bonbon coconut


bonbon passion fruit

Passion Fruit

bonbon coffee




pistachio bonbon


new bonbons


Pistachio bonbon


raspberry bonbon

(Limited Edition)

lemon bonbon

(Limited Edition)